Baby Come Back

Seina, please come back to me

I know it was sudden asking to wed

But I can't fathom another day without you, you see

And, no, it wasn't just to get you into bed.

I begged Josie to intercede,

But you didn't respond to reason.

Please don't let this our love impede

For this is love's season.

My grades are suffering, I can't think

Life without you would really stink.

Please, I am on my knees

(that is patellas in anatomy)

Please forgive me and let us begin once more.

I promise to behave and not push anymore.

I lay my heart at your feet

My life is in your hands

Baby, come back to me.

By huck hickson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The saga continues

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Anatomy Lesson

This is part of a 2 part series of poems written by Snowmansmom (Judy Costea) and myself.  The whole series is at  Judy and I have never met.  It started when she wrote a poem about a cheating husband and I responded with a poem as the husband.  The series took off from there.  There was no plot no coaching we both wrote from the heart as to our next step in the fictional relationship.  It was quite an effort but was a lot of fun.


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Thanks for the anatomy lesson

Thanks for the anatomy lesson