30 Minutes

Thirty minutes is all I ask

A lunch time spent together.

Is it to great of a task

to allow me these moments I treasure?

Our crazy schedules we have so little time,

Can’t you put your phone on hold,

and make just thirty minutes mine?

You say if you didn’t work at home

It would be the same,

But you do work at home,

Would thirty minutes be that great a pain.

If the phone rings

And it isn’t an emergency,

tell them you will call back.

tell them someone you don’t

get much time to see

Just came home,

Give them the facts.

All I know, is the phone calls

seem more important than me,

You tell me, this isn’t true,

I AM your husband,

I too have needs,

And my biggest need is YOU.

So for thirty minutes

Turn off the phone,

We can pretend

Nobody’s at home.

We can enjoy our precious time

Until the work alarm tone,

Then I can commute to work,

and you to your precious phone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Long story, but the inspiration came from a discussion I had with my better half

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