Seina, Seina, Where for art Thou

Siena, Siena, where for art thou?

You left to see you mom and dad,

Where are you now?

We are all so sad.

It has only been a day or so,

Your dad is sick and your mom is down,

But I am lost without you, you know?

I am always wearing a frown.

Lacy asks how long will you be?

I tell her I don’t know,

Just have to wait and see.

Leanne is learning anatomy from Ron,

She will make a fine surgeon some day

We all just really miss you hon.

Tell them, that for them we all pray.

Harlan gave us a start today,

The tyke found an IED, not far away.

His training, and our admonitions kicked in,

And he ran to tell a policeman.

Tell mom and dad those care packages are a God send,

Without them, we would be at rope’s end.

Well hon, I have to go scrub for surgery,

We got a new kid today with shrapnel in her knee.

Hurry home my love,

We miss you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Seina (snowmansmom) is going through some troubled and hard times that I hope soon will end and we will see her ink once again. Keep her in your prayers please.  

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