Not Enough Time

Love of my Life

It grieves me so, to be apart,

Just rips and tears at my heart.

I want so much to spend time with you,

And I find that is all I want to do.

Words don’t do justice to how you make me feel,

This love of ours is really a big deal.

Our moments together seeming are dwindling away,

Minutes together cherished, not enough hours in the day.

Love is the only word that seems to capture what I need to say,

“I loved you yesterday, and more tomorrow than today.

So hon, being away makes me sob,

I need to get back to work, cause I need the job.

I love you babe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the love of my life, my wonderful wife. As we slip into senior citizendom, we find our time for each other slipping away.

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