The Life and Time of Mary Jane Moyer

Born in 1912, she has seen a lot,

But through it all, God has been her copilot.

By 1918 a great world war and lapsed,

Then 1929, the stock market collapsed.

The newspapers, far and wide,

Reported those who lost all committed suicide.

She saw horse drawn carriages and biplanes,

those noisy automobiles that drove horses insane.

She saw the barnstormers and their daring do,

When the Hindenburg crashed she heard that too.

Along came another great war that was to end them all

Only to have that one end and Korea nearly fall.

She saw the the first man step on the moon for Uncle Sam

And the nation almost torn apart by a war in Viet Nam.

She saw the Cuban missile crisis move us close to Armageddon

And the Kennedy brothers die by an assassin's gun,

She saw the fall of communism setting their people free,

The Berlin wall torn down the the reconstitution of Germany.

She sees in her head that scene of the twin towers falling on 9/11

And prays for the souls that were taken.

Yes, in 95 years, she has seen a lot,

Couldn't have made it without God as her copilot.

Mary Jane Moyer has just about seen it all

But nothing as grand as when the master calls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a lady in our church on her 95th Birthday. Happy Birthday Mary Jane  

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Really a nice tribute!