Baby Girl’s Wedding Day


Dear Daddy, it is my wedding day.

I wish you could be here to give me away.

Mom’s new husband, Ed, is good in many ways,

But he can never ever take your place.

I asked to be alone for a minute or two,

So I would have an opportunity to write to you.

It is something I vowed to do,

To keep your memory alive and true.

Oh Daddy, I know you are here in my heart,

It is so hard being so far apart.

Daddy, I love you and miss you every day,

And your picture in my memory has begun to fade.

Daddy, I promise to never forget you,

I wish you could have met Andy before we say, “I do”,

But Daddy we will hold high what you stood for

Cause Andy and I met at Officer Training in the Marine Corp.

Gotta go now and walk that aisle,

I send my love, a big HUAH!!! And a smile.

I love you Daddy

Your Baby Girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Final installment of the series based on Lesa Gay's write.

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