Dear Baby Girl


If you get this letter

It will mean I won’t be coming home,

I have died to make the Iraqi peoples life better,

But those who would enslaved them killed me and I am gone.

Please bear them no ill will,

It is just a few here with who we are at war,

Most are God fearing decent people

Tending to their day-to-day chores.

For them it is a struggle to get food for another day,

And that is why we are here,

To make it better for them, some way,

And to take away their fear.

Though I can’t be there the way I used to be,

I will watch over you

Looking down from heaven, see

To see all you do.

So baby girl, take heart

Don’t mourn my passing on,

Remember, I will always be a part,

Even though I am gone.

I won’t be there for your first date,

But in your heart I will be.

I won’t be there when you graduate

Or when you marry.

But I will be as close as a memory,

Always by your side,

Remember when these people are free,

That daddy served there with pride.

Goodbye Baby Girl,

I will always love you

And will watch over you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all those that won't be coming home.

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yellowspecks's picture

heartbreaking and beautiful.
I hope if you have friends or family there they are doing well. This is a sad piece but very emotional and beautiful. Rae