Last Citizen


I should be proud, I hear him say,

"We are the most powerful on earth this day.

Our army is second to none."

I ask, “Who does it protect. I am the last one?”

Your power came at the cost of your citizens.

True in any war your army will win.

But nothing is left here to threaten.

You rose to power while your citizens starved to death,

Taking aid meant for them and their last breath.

You built an army, while your people you rode rough shod,

Just so you could make yourself some kind of God.

Your citizens are dead, all is left is your war machine.

Soon, it will be just a hulk of steel rusting.

You can’t eat steel, or live on lead,

Soon like me, your last citizen, you and your army will be dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for any nation that spends their money on weapons of war while their are hungry people to feed in the world.

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