Satan's Joy


What demon lord could ask for more,

Than to see the world at war.

The carnage the blood as mankind totters.

Sending the innocent blood as gravy for my fodder.

The bodies lying in the street,

Provide the souls for me to eat.

Those so called Christians that were “ready to go”

And the Muslims expecting virgins…No.

They will join me here in the fire,

For those that promote war in some God’s name

Are liars.

They are my agents sent to stir the pot,

Fill it with hate, distrust, and what not.

Then they will light the fuse and stand back and wait,

It won’t be long before they try to escape my gates.

It is so satisfying to see,

Those gullible fools feeding me.

Every one so misguided for their cause,

It almost makes me give pause.

Not!!!! More! More! More!.

Great profits you can make from War!

Come on what are you waiting for?

You have the nuke, create a new seashore.

I love it, I love it, I tell you I do,

Go on hate your neighbor, I will be waiting for you.

Wait, what is this

No! No! You can’t have an Armistise!

I had such high hopes that at last I would win,

Now I will have to start all over again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am sure Satan is enjoying the world at war. We must find a way to peace.

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