Why are you Still With Me


I feel the pain you feel,

I know that it is real,

I want to reach out to you,

Helpless cause I can’t do.

I want it like it used to be,

But this addiction won’t set me free..

So many times I have tried

So many times I have lied.

I fool no one but myself,

And even I am having doubts.

I am sorry I am such a cad,

That I have hurt you so bad.

You have every right to leave me cold,

On you, I have no right, or hold.

I have no place left to turn,

This really makes my stomach churn.

I want to come home

I am tired of being gone,

But when I get in the car,

The devil guides me to a bar.

Then some sweet thing will turn my head,

Next thing you know we are in bed.

I hate myself when I am done,

But I am addicted to the fun.

It isn’t right what I have put you through,

And it kills me to watch as I lose you.

So put us both out of our misery,

Save yourself and the kids and leave me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another inspired by Judy's Why am I Still With You'. http://www.thestarlitecafe.com/poems/101/poem_8331348.html  This time from the a husband's point of view

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