Jody, I Love You

Love of my Life

Huck and Jody - July 1968

Every now and then

My mind takes flight

Wondering what may have been,

Had you not been in my life.

I would probably still be pumping gas,

At a dead end job I had found,

Watching the world go past

In a dead end town.

But you lifted me

Showing there was more

I could be what I wanted to be,

Leaving that rut forever more.

You gave me purpose in life,

You gave me a daughter and sons,

You became my wife,

My race was won.

I can never thank you enough,

For what I have become,

At times we’ve had it rough,

But we have overcome.

Our love has grown exponentially,

And there will never be another for me.

I love you Jody, not much more can I say,

I will love you tomorrow more than today.

You are my sun in the day

my stars at night.

I love you in every way,

You make all things right.

You are my heroine,

For all that you do,

I guess this why

I love you.

Huck and Jody - 1993

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the love of my life since June 1966. She is my heart, my hero, and definitely the wind beneath my wings. Thank you honey for loving me.

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