Just Suppose for a Minute


Just suppose for a moment in time,

The borders on our maps were gone,

There were no more lines.

Just suppose, we could live where we want,

There was no more hate, or bias,

There to haunt.

Just suppose we were all free,

To worship our individual Gods,

None to think less of me.

Just suppose, there was no more war,

Without the hate or greed or borders,

What would we be fighting for?

But, I guess we will go on killing each other,

For territory, Gods, and greed,

Forgetting we are all sisters and brothers.

The same body of God, we are all part,

Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist.

Matters not what it is called, if he is in our heart.

For my God, your God, and all others I say,

Put an end to war, for our children, and theirs,

This is what I pray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I realize this is a stretch, but I pray all who read are blessed and when asked to take up arms, ���Just say no���.

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Sharon Wunsch's picture

Nice work. It reminds me of John Lenon's 'Imagine'. However, in the sixth stanza I noticed you mentioned Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist. What about atheists? Don't we count?