Our Heroes Back in Iraq

Most Venerable One,

This is my husband-to-be, Ron?

Of course you remember Seina and Sean?

He seems to be the great I AM’s favored one.

Yes revered daughter, it is good to have you here.

The place has been going downhill, there is very little cheer.

But, the Great I AM’s harvest is great,

And the number of souls saved is first rate.

I see you are with child, is this your doing Ron?

Aye my friend, I am the one.

That is why we are here,

We want you to marry us, my dear.

Looks as though this will have to be done soon,

As I predict, the child will come with the new moon.

Thank you Venerable One, but we must go,

I must see the children, I have missed them so.

Tell me, are they doing well,

I worry so, about them growing up in this hell.

They are doing just fine my dear,

Children are resilient, have no fear.

There are some that needs a doctor’s care,

It is a God Send we now have two of them here.

Sumi! Mela! I can’t wait to hear how you have been?

It has been so long, so far away, but always here…my heart within.

I have come here to be wed,

But right now I am so tired I only want to go to bed.

We understand ma’am, tomorrow is another day.

Our God willing, you rest our catch up can wait.

Ron, I really am not feeling well at all,

Get me to bed quick or I may fall.

Are you okay? Lay down here I think.

Let me get you something cold to drink.

Sean, will you watch over her now,

I must find her some water somehow?

Sure, sure, go ahead. Seina and I will watch over her bed.

Linda, you are looking pretty rough.

Sean! Behave yourself! That’s enough.

It is okay, Seina, I probably look as bad as I feel.

I think I may be in labor and my head is starting to reel.

Seina, drag that fan over here.

I am going to take her temperature.

Linda you are burning up.

Why didn’t you say some thing,

Why didn’t you speak up?

You know how Ron worries? I didn’t want him to be alarmed.

I know, Linda, but forewarned is to be forearmed.

Seina, go find Ron, we have to get this fever down.

This is one time I won’t kid or be a clown.

We may have to induce labor to prevent harm to the baby.

This is serious; we may save the child and lose the lady.

Linda, I am not going to blow smoke,

To save the baby, you may croak.

It is not a choice I would like to make,

But I don’t know another course to take.

Sean, thank you for your honesty

It is a decision for Ron and me.


Ron, save our child. Promise me.

I promise, but there must be another way, there has to be.

Ron, I am ready, but marry me before I go,

And promise me you will take care of these children

Promise it will be so.

I promise my love I will resign my commission and stay here

Raise OUR children, with you, is that clear.

Dear, dear Ron, I know you mean well,

But let us not lies tell.

Thank you, my love, if the worse happens I can go to my rest,

Knowing they will be cared for by the best.


I! I need you man!

Can you help save her or is this a part of the grand plan?

I am sorry, my son, this is as it has to be.

Ron will raise and nurture these children and they will champion the free.

From them, doctors and educators will come,

To bring more lambs to the fold to receive my kingdom.

You and Seina will be here too

With your children, Vance and Abu.

Yes, Sean, it is the fruition of the plans we have had for you.

Why Linda, has she not done everything right?

Yes, but it is her time

She will join us here in the light.

Tell Ron to not mourn her loss as she will be here with me

And after his work is done, he too will be.


Sean, is there no other way?

‘Fraid not old Bud. If there was I would say.

We have to make our move quick,

Every minute we tarry could make the baby sick.

Linda! I don’t know what to say.

Ron, I love you. I have had a good run, do it Sean’s way.

Venerable one, maybe you …

God has spoken, you must do what you must do.

Then will you marry us now, this hour, this moment in time?

My son, the honor is all mine.

Do you Linda take this man to have and to hold for eternity?

I do, as long as he will have me.

Do you Ron take this woman to have and to hold for all eternity?

I do. She will always be with me.

By the power given me by the great I,

You are now man and wife.

You may now kiss your bride.

I do so, Venerable One with pride.

I don’t want to be the one that is the dud,

But we need to start getting scrubbed.

Seina, get some hot water and our black bags,

This is going to be a real drag.

Ron, start the anesthesia, I need you guy.

Ron, I will be going now, don’t cry.

I looovvvveee youuu. Goodbye.

Ron, Ron, hang in there buddy, the baby is almost free,

You got yourself a nice size baby boy.

Here you go my friend,

Take your son, I will take care of this end.

Seina, is she hanging on?

Her pulse is weakening…it won’t be long.

Come on hon, we have to be strong,

It is going to be tough enough on Ron.

Why, why, did she have to go?

I know babe, she will be in heaven, I told me so.

But why, she just had a beautiful son?

That is the way it is he said, her time had come her time was done.

What do we do now?

Go home? That doesn’t feel right somehow.

No, We will all be staying here in this mess

To make these children part of our family per Linda’s request.

I have it from a high authority,

That here is where we are to be.

Ron, the babe, me and you,

Even Vance and little Abu.

These children will be as our own,

And this, this place will now be our home.

Linda, where ever you are, I know you will hear,

Tell the big I, we give our thanks, then buy him a beer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the final piece of the saga 'Letters Home' that started 81 poems ago and can be found at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap. To those who have stuck it out with us, you have our utmost admiration and appreciation. We thank you for your comments, love and support.

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