By Ferrell L. 'Huck' Hickson Continuing Collaboration with Judy Costea (snowmansmom)

Ron. Linda. Come on in,

Seina is doing that turkey thing.

Ron, make your self at home there

Linda, would you like the sofa or chair?

Can I offer you something to drink,

We have some blackberry wine and beer I think.

Leann. Lacy. Uncle Ron is here!

Seina when you come can you bring two wines and a beer?

Sean, you stay here and talk with Ron, understand,

I am going in to give Seina a hand.

Uncle Ron! Uncle Ron! Did you bring it.

Excuse me girls, I am going to help your mom so she can sit.

Hi Miss Linda, you look really nice,

Are you and Uncle Ron getting married

So we can throw rice?

(Blush) I…uh,..gotta go help your mom now,

You ask good questions, wow.

Uncle Ron, did you bring it, did you?

I’m sorry darling, that I didn’t do.

I will be getting out real soon,

To join your dad and Doc Vance,

In their practice per chance.

Oh, that will be really neat,

There is a house for sale up the street.

It would be perfect for Linda and you,

It is the white one on the corner, trimmed in blue..

Not so fast young lady,

I haven’t asked Miss Linda to marry yet.

You love her don’t you, maybe?

On that my dear Leann you can bet.

Then why not ask her?

Leann, stop being a pest, go help mom bring the beer.

Oh daddy, are you trying to get rid of me.

That was the general idea, and take Lacy.

Ron, when did you decide to retire?

Well, they were planning to send me back in the line of fire,

And I just couldn’t leave the new love I have found,

So I have decided to settle down.

So when are you going to pop the question to her?

I don’t know…Christmas or New Years.

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I am happy for you Ron, she is a great girl,

You won’t find better anywhere in this world.

With the exceptions of Seina, you know,

And I won’t be letting her go.


Hi Seina, need a hand here?

The boys seem to really need that beer.

Oh, don’t worry about them that can wait,

Tell me…has Ron set a date?

Seina, he hasn’t even asked me yet.

I tell you, Seina, and you may think I am silly,

But when he says, “Hello Darlin’”

He sounds just like Conway Twitty.

It sends shivers up my spine

And all I can think of is to jump that bod so fine.

I can help you with that, I bet.

Leanne! Lacy! How long have you been standing there?

Long enough, mom, to hear.

Come here Lacy, climb up on my Lap.

Okay, Leanne, how can you help with the big sap?

He is ready to ask you, you know?

I heard him say so.

Exactly, did you hear him say?

He said he was going to ask you,

He just can’t figure out the best way.

Why don’t you just ask him?

Would that be a sin?

Out of the mouths of babes, Seina.

I think your daughter, here, has hit on a winner.

Dare you be so bold to ask him?

I don’t know, I tend to do most things on a whim.

I don’t think he would be caught by surprise,

I have always been unpredictable in his eyes.

I don’t know, Linda, that would be pretty wild.

I would give him wiggle room and would ask with a smile.

Girl Friend, you have a lot more guts than me,

It may just work…let’s go see.


Hi boys. Here are the drinks you called for.

Good afternoon, Ron, what is the score.

It has been a few months you two have been going steady,

Are you all going to get hitched already?

Well, I (blush) am taken a little off guard.

Seina…here…let me take charge?

Ron, since we have been seeing each other,

You have been my world,

I don’t think I could belong to another,

I just want to be your girl.

Ron, I have given it a lot of thought you see,

And you know I have always been a little forward too,

So I guess I am asking…Will you marry me?

I hope I didn’t preempt by asking you.

Oh! This is so sudden…I don’t know what to say?

But if I had to guess,

My bets would lay,

On my saying…YES!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just when you thought it was over...Maybe a new beginning. Who knows what lurks in the minds of the dynamic duo. IF you missed any part of the saga, it is still at under the Letters Home link.

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