“I”, if you can here me,

I am down here on my knees.

I am begging you,

Keep Seina and Harlan safe, please.

I don’t know how much more I can take,

Your will will be done, but I pray,

That you have mercy on our little one,

That Seina may hold the fruits of what she has begun.

Please “I”, I need your comfort so much now,

If I lose Seina, to carry on, I don’t see how.

Please God, I am on my knees,

If you have to take someone,

Please take me.

My son, my son, have you so little faith?

Have I not told you that they would be safe?

The road will be hard

For that is the nature of a test.

Your faith will be shaken,

But you must do your best.

Your son will grow up healthy and strong,

And Seina will be with you all your life long.

Keep your faith and you will see,

It pays big, having faith in me.

Thank you I, I was feeling so alone.

I didn’t want to worry anyone at home.

You have comforted me so many times in times of need.

I promise this, your encouragement, I will heed.

If you don’t mind me asking before you go,

Is the Venerable One doing okay? I’d like to know.

Oh, that one is doing really well,

He is saving many from the fires of hell.

I am glad you brought me to him,

He is filled with the fires of redemption.

We get a charge out of watching him up there,

He has them dancing in the aisles and standing on chairs.

Well son, I have to go, there are a lot of other prayers.

Thank you “I” and please do stop,

And we will pop-a-top.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga, it may be found in its entirity at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap/letters_home.htm. Thank you in advance for your comments and encouragement.

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