Misplaced Values

Going Off

The shuttle just rocketed into space,

Oh how they applauded the feat.

Hundreds died of hunger,

Because there was nothing to eat.

Billions of dollars shot into space,

Advancing man’s knowledge base.

People sacrificed for naught to eat,

But yet, they all applauded the feat.

Except those who starved to death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I live in Florida, near Cape Kennedy where the shuttle is launched. I am proud that we as a country have returned to space, but with all the disasters we have experienced in the last year (hurricanes, Tsunami's, insurgencies) I think the money could be better spent taking care of the people here on earth and getting us off of fossil fuels.

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jgupta's picture

Do understand your sentiments but honestly hunger is not a state of poverty but perhaps habits...