Ride Home

Thank you gentlemen,

Put her on the second litter there if you can.

Ma’am, how you doin’?

Just fine Colonel if you can fly this thing,

I am a little nervous,

I have never flown in anything without wings.

Ma’am, I guarantee, you will be safer than in your car,

Fellows, strap’er in tight,

Even though we don’t have to go far.

Thank you gents, go ahead and step away.

Sean you want to ride up here?

No thank you sir, I will just sit here and pray.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Don’t worry son,

I won’t let anything happen to you two,

Can’t let anything happen to my new surgeon.

Okay, up, up, and away…

Now be truthful,

This beats the hell out of driving any day.

Ron, I will hold that judgment until I am on the ground.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Trust me ma’am, this is the safest transport around.

Sean, come on up here, I will need a guide,

That there is the Santa Monica on that side.

Which way should we go?

Head out toward San Bernadino.

There, see that water tower,

Head east to Holly and Flowers.

You got it son.

We will set’er down in the street,

It will make it easier for the litter carryin’.

Don’t reckon the cops will appreciate me staying too long,

So let’s get’er in the house,

Then I will be moving on.

Careful now. Ma’am can you hold your IV bag?

It wouldn’t look to professional of us,

For folks to see it drag.

Ron, you are a stitch

Don’t make me laugh,

The pain is a real witch.

Okay, Sean…on the count of three,

Are you ready?

Yes, sir.

One, two, three.

Whew ma’am, you have a bowling ball in there?

Just drive Ron and don’t you give it a care.

Wes, Maggie this is Colonel Ron Majors,

Can one of you get the door?

Colonel, this is Wes, and Maggie, Seina’s mom and dad.

How do sir and ma’am,

I would shake your hand but they are full

And if I let go that would be bad.

Take a right, sir to the top of the stairs,

Our bedroom is the first door on the right there.

There you go ma’am, how did we do?

I have to admit,

I had my doubts about you.

You did very good I give you an A.

Colonel, we just about have supper ready,

Can we get you to stay.

Thank you kindly ma’am,

But if I don’t get that chopper out of the street

The local gendarmes I may meet.

Colonel, there are more family here to meet,

Leann, Lily, and Lacy.

These are my girls and my heart beat.

You are a fine looking bunch of young ladies,

You all got boy friends waiting?

You are funny Colonel,

Did you really fly the helicopter?

Yep, and so did your mommy and daddy for sure.

Can we fly with him daddy? Can we?

Colonel, I don’t know…

Got to get your car, It is okay with me.

Sir are you sure it is Okay?

Yeah, let’s do it, who’s to say?

Yahoo! We get to fly.

Okay girls go tell grandmamma and grandpappa goodbye.

Mom, dad. I have to go for my car.

Seina must have absolute rest.

If she awakes in pain, there are pills beside her bed in a jar.

I wouldn’t tell her that the girls went with me,

It would just upset her,

And that just can’t be.

I don’t know how I will ever repay…

No more son, do you have to say.

Go on and be on you way.

Thanks, we will be home quick as we can,

If anything comes up

You have my number and Vance’s.

See you all in a bit.


Have a safe trip.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this story, it may be found in its entirity at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap/letters_home.htm. Thank you in advance for your comments and support.

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