Sean Reports for Duty

Sir, Captain Costickson reporting as ordered, Sir.

Rest easy Captain, I have your records right here.

Very impressive, I must say,

Now that you have been back for awhile,

Are you feeling okay?

Sir, I am feeling fine,

It is my wife who is having a hard time.

What about your memory son,

I understand it was lost in an explosion.

Yes sir, based on what I have been told,

And my vague memory of the day,

An RPG had our hummer cold,

And I was thrown clear of the way.

Well Captain, it also says,

That in civilian life you are a skilled reconstructive surgeon,

And right now, I am short one.

I have a check list of tests I want you to take,

Here is a map of the hospital,

A doctor will check you and sign off at each place.

We are going to check you out head to toe,

Then we will schedule OR for a practical show.

Sir, I have a situation you should know about,

My wife is in the last couple months of a hard pregnancy,

And I think maybe, I should get out.

Don’t make that decision, just yet Captain,

We can arrange for you to be home as much as possible.

Will you give it a chance?

Think about it son,

Oh, is that your cell phone?

Excuse me sir, may I.

Of course, go ahead, I will stand by.

Hello? Yes, this is Sean,

Can you hear me now?

Go on.

She is what,

When did it happen?

I don’t know, I will give it a shot.

This I swear,

One way or another,

I will be there.

Okay, thanks for the call,

Take care of the girls,

Thank you all.

Sir, that was my father-in-law on the phone,

They had to take my wife to the hospital,

These tests, can we postpone?

What is she in the hospital for?

Her amniotic fluid is leaking they fear the baby is coming to soon.

Don’t worry son, you stay here, I will order you a chopper.

Sir you really don’t have to.

I know Captain, I need the flight time,

That I do.

Thank you sir. My car is by the door, shall I drive.

Excellent Captain, to the flightline,

And I do want to get there alive.

Yes sir! Just point the way.


Sir, if you have time, can you come in,

I would like to introduce you to my wife,

Her doctor and my partner and friend.

It would be my honor son,

That is pretty much why I have come.

I like to know the men that work for me,

And there is no better way to learn

What kind of men they are,

Than knowing their families.

Besides, I really can’t go far,

I have to take you back for your car.

Vance, Vance, this is Colonel Majors,

He is my new commander,

Can you give us a run down on what is going on here?

Is Seina okay?

I need to see here right away.

Glad to meet you Colonel.

Sean, may we speak freely?

Of course, Vance, it is me.

I mean…

Oh, yes, I see.

Yes, I think it will be okay,

Looks like the Colonel is joining the family.

In that case, walk this way,

We will go to my office,

For me to have my say.

Seina won’t budge without your okay,

We need to medicate her,

If we are to save her and the baby.

She has dialated two centimeters

And that is bad,

We need to sedate her, and hydrate her by liters.

You will have to keep her calm some how,

And she isn’t to lift anything heavier

Than a fork and spoon,

Starting now.

She can’t be lifting the baby at all,

To do so, and lil Harlan may begin to fall,

And that will not be good at all.

Sean, we need to hold her off a month or more,

Then I think we will be in the clear.

It will be one hell of a chore.

Colonel, I wanted to talk to you

To see if there was a way,

For Sean to be home,

That can you do?

Doctor Vance, Sean…I mean Captain Costickson

Briefed me on the way over,

On the problem at hand, I think it can be done.

I still need him to pass his physical and some other tests,

But I think in light of the circumstances,

Him being at home is best.

From what I read, he is a good man,

And the army needs surgeons

To repair our men, and give them a hand.

Sean, I am not going to sugar coat this,

She is in danger of preterm labor,

So you will have to ride herd on our little miss.

I know she can be a spitfire,

But you will have to remind her,

That any stress can be dire.

Doctor Vance, if you don’t mind my meddlin’,

Have you put her on any medication?

Believe me I tried to start an IV,

But she refused until Sean

Gives the okay to me.

Sean, I want to start her on small doses of tocolytics,

This anti-contraction medication

May just do the trick.

With monitoring, hydration, and bed rest,

Lil Harlan’s chances will be the best.

Can I see her now?

The sooner the better buddy,

Colonel, will you join me for chow.

Sean, she is in 1307A,

Talk over with her what we discussed,

Then call down to give me the Okay.

We can give her the meds and if the pain subsides,

We can let her go home,

I am sure the rescue guys will give you a ride.

No problem doc, my chopper is outside,

I would be more than happy,

To give them a ride.

I don’t know Colonel Majors

It may get crowded on a motorcycle,

With you four.

Just kidding sir,

Can she lay down in there?

Son, it is an ambulance of the air,

There is enough room for eight in there.

It is fine with me, if it is okay with her,

It would be better,

A five minute ride versus an hour.

Thank you sir,

I will be down soon,

I have to go see her,

Before I turn into a loon.

Run along son,

I was once young,

I will treat your friend here,

To a little recruiter’s luncheon.


Seina…are you awake?

It is Sean,

I came as quick as I could,

I can’t wait.

Are you alright?

You look like you are in tremendous pain.

The Colonel brought me in a medical chopper flight,

And has volunteered to take us home again.

Oh, Sean is it really you,

I was so afraid

And didn’t know what to do.

It is okay, hon, I am here.

I spoke with Vance,

And the plan is clear.

The Colonel is really nice man,

And has approved me staying at home,

As much as I can.

Vance says, and I agree,

That you need the anti-contraction meds,

Will you do that for me?

Sean you know I will,

Long as Harlan is safe,

I can take the pill.

Hon, you are the most important thing in my life,

After our children are gone,

You will still be my wife.

I want this child as much I have wanted anything,

But without you there,

I would have nothing.

We have a month or more of a living hell,

But if we can keep you resting, hydrated, and calm,

This thing will turn out well.

Let me call Vance and give him the go,

The sooner we start the meds,

The sooner we will know.

Hello, Vance, she said yes,

Uh-huh, okay, I will start the IV.

Yeah, I agree,

The old man is the best.

Did he talk you in joining the team.

No? Okay, see you all in a few.

Colonel was trying to get him to join the Army it seems.

You feel up to a kiss?

Always my love,

Even looking like this.

Mmmmwaaaa! You still got it.


That fire that turns me on.

Stop it Sean,

Someone will hear.

Look at me my love,

Do I look like I care?

Seina Costickson,

May I introduce you to Colonel Ron Majors?

Colonel, I am pleased to make your acquaintance

Forgive me, but I don’t have makeup on.

Ma’am, I am honored,

But makeup would just hide the beauty thereon.

Colonel, you are a sweet talking thang,

Sean says you are family now,

So welcome to the gang.

Okay, Okay, Colonel, Sean,

Can you all wait in the waiting room?

I have to get this lady ready

So she can go home.

Bye hon, we will be down the hall,

If he gives you any trouble,

The Calvary is here, just call.

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