Sean Takes a Chance

Seina. This is Sean

Sean…We had dinner

A couple nights ago.

You WERE just teasing,

I know.

There is something I want to ask you,

But I am afraid it may be too soon,

That dinner made me look like a boob,

And I don’t want you to think me a total loon.

What is it I want to say?

I…I…better wait…I am afraid.

I know in my heart

from you I never want to part.

Ever since I saw you there across the yard,

Thoughts of you have consumed this bard.

Every waking moment I think of you,

When I sleep, there I dream of you,

what to do, oh what to do.

I try to study

It is in vain.

I tell you,

My obsession with you

Is driving me insane.

It seems I have known you all my life,

In one form or another,

Like in “The Butcher’s Wife”

I believe I have found my other.

If I had my way,

I would just come right out and say,

Will you marry me this day?

Will you be my wife?

Hello? Hello? Seina are you there?

God! I don’t want to lose her is my prayer.

Vance! God, I hope I didn’t lose her,

Let me go, I have to go to her.

You are right…take a deep breath.

Thank you, you are a good friend,

Now get outta my way or I swear,

I will beat you to death.

I have to go to her to make sure she is okay,

That was quite a shock I must say.

I guess she wasn’t expecting me to ask that way.

God, I hope she hasn’t run away.

© 2008 huck hickson (All rights reserved)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sean has put the fat in the fire now. Will Seina think he has lost his mind. Stay tuned at

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