They are Gone

Dr. Vance, they are NOT fine,

Look at her monitor, she has flat lined.

SEAN, SEAN, wake up it is me,

Oh, my God, no pulse, how can this be.

Come away doctor you have done all you can,

Now they are in their God’s loving hands.

I know, but their families are on the way here,

What am I to tell them, their goal to reunite so near.

I know it is hard doc, but you will find the words to say,

You always do make it easier, you always find a way.

This is so different, nurse, we were so close,

I feel I should have known.

How could you?  The tests aren’t back,

She was resting quietly,

and he must have had a heart attack.

Don’t go beating yourself up, you have to be strong,

I am sure they will understand

You did nothing wrong.

Go down to the lobby and wait til they arrive,

Remind them in their hearts they will always be alive.

Thank you nurse, I needed that,

Where can I freshen up at.

Down in the lobby is a washroom,

Get yourself down there, the families will be there soon.


Hi I!  Seina, this is I Am,

How do you do ma’am.

I, you gonna stay long,

No my son, I have come to take you home.

You have fought the good fight,

The race is won,

Your job, here on earth this night,

Is over and done.

Seina, did you, say WHAT!!!

That means we are dead,

Tell me we are not.

Yes, that is normally how it is done.

But I, we still had little ones.

No disrespect intended to you,

But we did all we were asked to do.

We would love to stay here forever,

But please send us back together.

I haven’t seen my baby girls for a long time,

Please God, send us back for those babies mine.

There is so much more to do,

And the only one that can send us back is you.

Are you two sure about this,

Look here at all you will miss.

We know I, but without our girls,

This just can’t be our world.

Somehow I would have bet you would be this way,

So because I love you as you do me, it will be as you say.

Go back to your bodies and your families,

Raise the girls with love and love of me.

You can bet on it I,

It will be done, we will try.

As always, you are welcome where ever we are at,

I will keep your favorite beverage always on tap.

Good bye, my son, and Seina too,

I will stop by one day for a drink or two.

I do love that lad,

Sending him back makes me sad.

But his girls do need them,

And they served me well,

Especially him.

Good bye my friend.

See you soon.


Fred, Maggie, Emma, and Wesley,

Can you step into my office please?

What is it Doc?  Is there something amiss?

Folks, I don’t  know how to tell you this.

Doc, you are looking pretty sad,

Is what you about to tell us, bad?

This is the hardest thing I have ever said,

But Sean and Seina are …

Doctor, Doctor, I must interrupt you,

It has to have been a miracle true.

We were getting ready to move them out,

When they both awoke with a shout.

Nurse, have you lost your mind,

They don’t come back from a flat line.

Doctor, I swear it is true,

Mister Sean is asking for you.

He has his memory?

Yes sir he does, absolutely.

Wait a minute, doc, you were about to say???

I was about to say,

Sean and Seina are up in her room,

Walk this way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that we scrapped.  It would have followed, "Back to the States" where Sean had fallen asleep holding Seina's hand in the hospital.

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