Sean Answers Linda’s Letter

Seina, Wes gave me these letters when we came in,

Since they were from Iraq, we thought you would want them.

Thank you dad for bringing them,

They are from Sean’s friends,

I will give them to him.

I will read them first to check the lines,

I won’t let that Linda take what is mine.

Mmmhmmm, Mmmmhmm. I guess I was wrong about her,

Like Sean said, she is good for sure.

Oh, here is one from his sergeant.

God, that was so sweet, the letter he sent.

When Sean awakes, I will give the letters to him,

So that he can answer them.

When Lily is done nursing, gracious, she is going to town!

When she is done, I will walk you down.

That is okay, Seina, you stay put and rest.

The doctors want to keep you quiet, and they know best.

Looks like the baby may be through,

Like my son, she is asleep too.

Here dad take Lily and give the girls my love and hope they miss me some,

Cause it won’t be long before we come home.

Bye…drive safely, I will let you know when we find out anything.

Can you hand me the phone before you leave?

I may wake Sean if it rings.


Afternoon sleepy head,

I was beginning to think you really was dead.

I am sorry, has Vance been in?

No my love, I haven’t seen him.

We did the tests while you slept.

Haven’t heard back, it is a secret well kept.

Well, I will go and find out.

Not until I get a hug and kiss you big lout.

Absolutely, my beautiful dear.

Hey! What do we have here?

Linda and your Sarge sent me a letter,

Wanting you to write when you got better.

Why don’t you do that while we wait for Vance.

It is quiet now, now is your chance.

(Kiss) Have I told you lately that I love you?

I haven’t? Well…I do.,

And I will, until the end of time,

I will always want you to be mine.

Okay, give me the letters.

Now that I am with you,

I am definitely better.


Dear Linda

I made it home okay,

I just woke up,

Been asleep for two days.

It feels so right to be here,

Yet I miss the kids and you all there.

Seina may be pregnant with number four,

We are running tests to find out for sure.

My memory is coming back a little at a time,

But my friend, I, assured me, I would be fine.

I still owe the army the rest of my tour,

What is going to happen there, I am not sure.

No one has contacted me from the base,

Maybe they have lost me without a trace. Ha!

Give the kids a big hug and tell them I miss them all.

I heard Abu is having a ball.

I know the venerable one is putting on quite a show,

My buddy I, told me so.

Is there anything more the children need.

I will try to get it for you, I have developed several leads.

Tell the guys, I send my best,

And to watch out for that road west.

Be sensitive to the golden rule,

Avoid at all costs, being cruel.

Remember these people are clannish like the Hatfields and McCoys,

If you kill or injure one, there will be a vendetta with the rest of the boys.

They are definitely into an eye-for-an-eye

So think before you act or they will make you die.

Don’t be a stranger, I miss you all,

If you get to a phone, do try to call.

I don’t know how long it will be before I am released from here,

But soon as I am home, for you I will have a beer.

Take care and tell the venerable one,

That I send my prayers to God and son.

Expect a visit from the one,

He who sends his only son.

Peace be with you dear,

I wish I could bring you all here.


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