The Great Escape

Shhh! We don’t want them to catch us,

If they do, you know they will make a fuss.

Quick back into that doorway,

Someone is coming this way.

Push, push the door to freedom is right there,

This date is really starting with flair.

Seina, can you get the door,

Then I will push this chair with the metal to the floor?

God, will you look at those stars, Sean?

They are shining for us to look upon.

Yes Seina, but I have eyes only for you,

I have trod the desert, crossed seas,

And that isn’t all I would do.

Somehow, I knew you and I were to be.

Oh Sean. Ever the romantic,

But push faster, before I panic.

At last, grab the door,

Then I can push some more.

Evening ma’am, table for two.

Yes ma’am, we would like to see a menu,

And could you bring us a couple of brews?

A Bud for me,

And a Bud Light for the lady.

Not to bad a place

For our first date.

Yes, Sean, it does have a certain ambiance, you might say,

Just be thankful we can’t see it by the light of day.

Haw, har, har. Be nice my dear,

It may hurt their feelings should they hear.

Hee, hee, hee, I was just teasing,

I guess I am just giddy,

That you are here with me.

Thank you ma’am,

Do you have trout,

I have a hankerin’ since Milan,

If you don’t I will pout.

You do? Great,

I want a double plate.

Hush puppies, and greens,

Tarter sauce and your baked beans.

I will have some ice crème,

And a dill pickle please,

Does that sound as strange as it seems?

You would think I am pregnant. Oh me!

Seina. Surely I should remember that,

I don’t though, where is my mind at?

You do seem to have that glow,

I wonder how I would know.

Sean, don’t push so hard,

It will come, maybe in little shards.

Just don’t try to remember so,

It will come, I just know.

I guess you are right,

Let’s just enjoy tonight.

Ahhh. That trout looks delectable,

Did you all season those vegetables?

Thank you ma’am I have waited for this for so long,

Almost six months now since I been home.

That will be all for now,

I am just going to sit here and savor this trout.

Seina, would you like a bite,

The batter is really light.

Now, I don’t think I could handle the grease,

If I am pregnant, it is a nine month disease.

Ha, Ha, Ha.

I love it when you smile

Your eyes twinkle and shine,

And I get lost for a while,

All my stress unwinds.

I see you here like a dream,

Yet I can’t believe it is real,

You make me beam,

With the way I feel.

Mere words can’t express

This feeling inside,

It give such stress,

For time and again I have tried.

There is so much I want to remember,

But it just isn’t there.

So much I want to say,

But the words won’t come my way.

Am I making any sense?

I swear no pretense,

It is there is so much I want to say,

But yet there is nothing needed to say.

Sean, you are so sweet and dear,

But if you are done,

We need to get out of here.

Oh, you are right

Sun will be up soon

And we will be caught in the light.

Ma’am, may I have the check please.

Yes, ma’am, it was a veritable feast.

I assure you we will come again,

I am dying to try that fried chicken.

Bye and we definitely will come again.

Hon can you get the door, it opens in.

Well the stars are still out,

But look at the horizon the sun is about.

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