Letter From Sean’s Sergeant

Dear Mrs. Costickson,

You don’t know me,

But I was assigned to Sean here overseas.

I am very happy to hear he is well,

I tried to reach him after the attack,

But the fire was heavy as hell.

To save the convoy,

We had to get out of there,

I wouldn’t have left the boy,

But we had to get clear.

Well, when we were packing up his stuff,

We found this letter, and it was a tear jerker sure enough.

I am sending it along with the other stuff to you,

I am sure, with it, you will know what to do.


My Love,

Oh, Seina, I don’t know

Seems just as we are to be together again,

I have to go.

It’s as if some great plan,

Is to keep us apart.

Surely not God’s hand.

Sometimes, when we are apart,

I begin to lose faith,

I begin to lose heart.

I realize our time, though short,

We must not minimize the import.

I know I have been called for his great plan,

Or why would I have been delivered so many times by his hand.

The separations are getting hard to take,

Each separation seems to be tempting fate.

I just can’t continue without you by my side,

If this be our fate, he should have let me die.

I love you Siena, enough for a million hearts.

I just can’t bear again, being apart.

So my darling, to you I will cling like glue,

For never again will I allow myself to be separated from you.

Effective immediately, upon my return, I will resign my commission,

And with you, take up God’s mission.

We will again be a family,

You, Leann, Lily, Lacy, and me.

We will grow old together

As it was meant to be.

Sitting in our rockers on the front porch in inclement weather,

And reminiscing old memories.

I think God knows, that you are my strength,

And for his love and yours I would go any length.

It is your love that makes me greet each day with a smile,

It is his, that helps me go that next mile.

So, if I make it through this war,

I will be a roamin’ no more.

So keep those home fires burnin’,

I am doing everything in my power,

To insure I will be returnin’

Gotta go now. I got that off my chest,

Duty calls, give the kids my best.

Tell the Moms and Dads,

I miss you all so bad,

But I will be coming home,

It won’t be long,



I am sorry ma’am, that was all he wrote,

There was a mortar attack and we scrambled for the moat.

His tent took a direct hit,

And I guess he never got back to it.

He was busy caring for the wounded and dead,

Sewing up wounds and removing lead.

I swear I have never seen anyone with that much fortitude,

Working day and night without interlude.

He cared for his men and the kids too,

There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do.

He was a human dynamo,

It was really hard to let him go.

I know, without a doubt,

That he would have wanted the convoy out.

Well, I have work to do,

Tell the Captain, that I said,

We will pray for you.

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