Letter from Linda

Dear Mrs. Costickson,

I am writing you to inquire about Sean,

When we put him on the plane here,

His memory wasn’t to clear.

Though we have never met

It is like I know you cause

He would read us the letters he would get.

It brought us all a little closer to home,

And let me say his love for you was next to none.

All he could talk about was you,

About coming home and the things he would do.

About his baby girls and the pleasure they give,

I know without you, he cannot live.

When you see him

Tell him we are doing fine,

That the Venerable one is really changing minds.

The people are flocking to hear him teach,

It is almost like listening to my minister preach.

The home here is starting to flourish,

The food your churches are sending,

Gives the children food that nourishs.

The war still goes on,

But where we are at,

It has died down.

Thanks to Sean and the goodness he had,

Life here isn’t half bad.

I am still the house mother,

And men from town and the troops

Have started a local program called “Big Brothers”.

The Love here that abounds,

Brings light into the darkness all around.

It is amazing to see the changes being made,

All because of the foundation, Sean laid.

Tell Sean, the big lug,

That Linda says, “Thank you”

And sends a big hug.

Thank you for all your support back there,

It has made a lot of lives better here.

Well, it is time to start the evening meal,

Because of your efforts, we have food to deal.

Thanks again and I wish you all well,

I have found my home…a beautiful garden…in hell.

I don’t mean that in a bad way,

It is because of Sean, that there is a hope’s ray.

Please do stay in touch,

Your letters to us means so much.

It gives us that taste of home,

That is missed so much since we are gone.

I have to go before I cry,

So God bless you and Sean,

Good bye.



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