The Trade

The Trade

Linda, can I see you a min?

Walk with me,

I am going to check on the kids there in.

I want to propose an idea to you,

But the payment will be high, for true.

What is it?

Spit it out.

What is this all about?

I have a deal for you,

I will give that interview,

But in return,

Your network will run,

A show for our kids,

To raise money from bids.

Are you nuts?!?

That won’t fly.

If I don’t get cut,

They will think my mind is gone bye-bye.

I must be tired,

To even think of doing it,

Could get me fired.

Well. What do you say?

Will you do it?

I don’t know,

Give me a day,

I have thought about it…

I don’t see a way.

Your story, is now old news

And it won’t sell,

The kids, here, on the other hand,

Is a story to tell.

We would have some leverage

With a humanitarian slant,

If we could expand our meager group home,

Into an orphanage camp.

Maybe show us marching them to school,

To the mosque in town,

Like a family would be cool.

Can we get your cameraman’s buy in?

He will if he knows what is good for him.

I think what we have here,

Is a good run at a Pulitzer.

Okay, Linda, what do you need from me?

Put on some doctorin’ duds please

For some pictures bandaging some knees.

Rest of the time keep the insurgents at bay,

So these kids have a chance if they stay.

Anything my wife and family can do from home?

Organize clothing drives,

Teaching aids,

Toys and sporting equipment,

Is some.

Great when can we start?

Not so fast, we have to plan.

We want to capture the viewers heart,

But you wouldn’t know anything about that,

You are just a man.

Forgive me, for being just a man,

But I seem to remember you eyeing this can.

But I won’t bring that up if you won’t,

My wife is the jealous sort, so please don’t.

Don’t worry, you two have a great thing,

I wouldn’t think of destroying it with a fling,

However, if she ever sets you free,

I will be available,

Look for me.

Okay, I will leave this in your capable hands,

Do we want to get the locals from the land,

To help out with this task?

I don’t think it would hurt to ask.

On our next patrol in town,

I will talk with town leaders,

About what we are doing to see if they will get down.

Until then, I would like to say,

You are doing a great job with the kids,

In every way.

As moms go, you aren’t too bad,

They could have done a lot worse,

Than the one they had.

I see how you hug them to chase away their fears,

I see your smile and your tears.

These kids have stole your heart,

They have mine, I can’t wait to start.

Little Mynie, reminds me some much of my little one,

It makes me sad that I am so far gone,

But one day, and it will come,

I will tear myself away and go home.

Then I will miss these kids I have come to love,

When I return to my little doves.

They will always be close to me,

Here, at home, or across the widest sea.

That bridge, is not yet near,

Maybe something will happen,

Maybe Seina and the girls can come here.

I don’t know we will have to see,

Captain, you have pretty well read me.

I too, think I may stay,

Cause these kids are now my babies.

G’nite Captain.

You too Linda. Tuck them in real good.

Well “I”, we are on our way,

To giving these kids a better tomorrow, today.

Will you walk with me for a while?

Oh, yeah, you have been with me every mile.

Well, thank you “I”, tomorrow is another day,

We will teach our kids how to play.

Shame we have to teach them that,

But, that is where we are at.

G’nite Lord…nice talkin’ to you.

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