252 Days to Go

Dear Seina,

We just got back today.

Lost the sergeant along the way.

He was cut down

Saving his men,

I did all I could for him.

I asked God, the Great I AM,

Why him? All he could say,

Was, “It was his time”.

I will miss him so,

He was so much more than my sergeant,

He was my bonafide hero.

Now, the bad news to his wife I must bid,

But what will be harder is facing our kids.

You see, the sarge was their hero too,

Now along with their parents, they have lost him too.

Oh Seina, I hurt so much inside,

He should have lived,

Instead of saving me,

He should have let me die.

But now, he is with God,

Having earned his wings,

I will tell that to the children,

Hoping that will minimize the sting.

I am so sorry to burden you with this,

But God and you understand,

How much, he, I will miss.

Linda gave me your letter

When we got back to camp,

We almost have the roof done,

Enough to keep out the damp.

I am sorry if I am rambling so,

But I am so torn up I just don’t know.

We have been given a week to recoop,

So maybe, we will finish the buildings roof.

I know I will get a new sarge,

But it won’t be the same,

How do you replace a man,

That was a saint.

Hon, I have to cut this short,

My heart hurts so much,

And I have to write a report.

I am putting the sarge in for a posthumous Bronze Star

For his gallantry under fire,

For his family, it won’t go far.

I send my love to you from me,

Hug and kiss my girls,

Tell mom and dad, please.

I will write again, soon as I have my head on straight,

Right now I am not in a good space,

And it is getting late.

I think, I and I need to talk,

I know he is with me when I walk,

But these losses are so hard to bear,

I guess this is my cross with him to share.

Good night my love, I will try to get it together,

So I may write you a proper letter,

But for tonight, my heart is in my shoes,

No matter what, though, I will always love you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga, http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap has the complete work. Thank you in advance for your comments or critiques.

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