Judy (snowmansmom) Costea

Raven hair

Seductive smile

An angel's aire

That drives us wild.

She writes poetry

That makes us hot

Of the charms and treasures

She has got.

She tantalizes

With words so sweet

Of things she will do

To you as a treat.

Of sensous clothes

And those thigh-highs

That elicit a longing sigh.

She only teases,

With these words,

As she is spoke for,

So I have heard.

A lucky man,

By all standards, indeed

To have a hot babe,

So very sweet.

From all of us men,

To you my friend,

Thank you for your poetry,

And those sultry memories.

Love Sean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tribute to Judy Costea and a thanks for her titillating poems.

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