Thank You Lord

Dear Lord…Oh, there you are,

I was just getting ready

To thank you for bringing us so far.

I have never felt so free,

Since you restored our family.

I know now how powerful your love,

We couldn’t have done it,

Without help from above.

Did you see my baby girls,

Seeing me had them all awhirl.

Well I just wanted to thank you here.

Have you traveled far?

Got time for a beer?

Didn’t think so,

How about some water,

Wine, maybe a soda?

Was this my final test?

No? Well I promise to try my best.

Thanks again for all you have done,

I guess at least this race is won.

I think we may have a book deal or two,

Maybe a movie. Anyone in mind to play you?

Well, I should get back inside,

To my darling children and loving bride.

Stop in anytime my friend,

My door will always be opened for you,

Right up to the end.

I coming Hon,

I will be right in,

I was just talking,

To my heavenly friend.

Good bye God, do take care,

Bring your peace and love, everywhere.

I know it may seem a daunting task,

But do your best is all I ask.

Yes, I will do my part too,

Hon, go put your thigh-highs on,

I am coming in to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The final word in the soap opera. The Soap opera may be viewed at

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