News Flash: Another Survivor Returns


This just in from our reporter

Linda Lieaday, at the airport.

Linda, are you there with this intriguing short?

Yes Mitch, our sources in Japan reported that a survivor,

Of the Love Boat disaster was on this fight,

We and this crowd of well wishers have been

Waiting here all night.

Wait, wait, we have the taxi driver,

That drove the family to this ill fated trip.

How do you do sir,

Can you tell us who he is?

I am sorry ma’am,

I must honor my tip,

He paid me good to button my lip.

Can you at least point him out

When he comes through the gate?

I hate to tell you this sister,

You are too late.

What do you mean

We are too late?

I mean to tell you

He is already gone,

Not a half hour ago,

I dropped him off at home.

Well, Mitch, a startling development here

Looks as though our quarry has made it in the clear.

Ask the driver if he will open his fare book,

Give him a hundred for a quick look.

I am sorry ma’am, that wouldn’t be proper,

He paid a nice tip, that I will honor.

Okay sir we appreciate your honesty,

Mitch, I am afraid that is a wrap for me.

Back to you guys in the news room,

The crew and I are headed back home.

We will let you know if anything else breaks,

We will try to track down this brave soul,

No matter what it takes.

If you are listening to my voice, sir

Please give us a call,

Our subscribers and your neighbors,

Want to know it all.

How did you survive all that time at sea?

How did you keep your sanity?

Please our number is Burbank 7-7734

Whatever other stations offer,

we will offer more.

Back to you Mitch,

I am done with my pitch.

This is Linda Lieaday,

Signing off, nothing more to say.


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