Oh God!

Oh God!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking,

A typhoon is headed our way and it is expected to strengthen.

Please don you life vests and listen to your crew,

If the need should arise, they will take care of you.

Did you hear that dear,

We are going to get some wind,

Shouldn’t be anything to fear,

This is a good boat we are in.

Mustn’t let her see,

I am scared out of my mind,

For me to be lost at see,

But our babies need her kind.

Come on my love,

Let us go to an above water deck,

We can find a secluded alcove,

Where we can neck.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain again,

We lost half of our life boats in this wind.

Please keep your seats or stay in your room,

Until you are told to abandon this watery tomb.

Don’t worry dear we will be all right,

It will blow past us by tonight.

Honest, we will be fine, you will see,

By tomorrow night we will be in Hawaii.

Ladies and gentleman this is your Captain,

We have stuck a cargo container

and the ship is starting to list,

Please go to your life boats,

Your crew will assist.

Women and children will go first,

Is the rule of the sea,

Men will wait until those boats

Are away free.

I have sent a mayday to summon help

For our distress,

Unfortunately, it won’t get here in time the seas are a mess.

Ladies, take only your purse or tote,

And as always,

Thanks for choosing the Love Boat.

Well, it looks like this is it my dear one,

Tell our babies, I love them a ton.

No, you go, and I will stay,

I love you like no tomorrow, today.

Go now get on the life boat,

And pray this bucket stays afloat,

Long enough for us to be together once more,

Goodbye my love, hope to see you on shore.

This is the Captain, abandon ship,

Life boats away, the bar is free if you sip.

I wave good bye as their boats disappear from site,

I look up to heaven and pray my soul is right.

The wind begins to slack as the cold waters wash over my head,

I pray I am one, when the sea gives up her dead.

I hear a voice calling me,

I turn to it, it is only the sea.

I love you my deeaaarrr.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not the end.  For a full transcript of this story go to http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap.

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