Yes, Go, I Understand

My dearest darling and most beautiful too,

I gaze on the beauty that is you,

And I am overcome and entranced,

By your body and sensual dance.

This vixen that turned my head,

Confused me with drink and then with dread.

As she lead me to her lair,

She knew I didn’t have a prayer.

I finally regained some of my weakened mind,

To escape from her in time,

Before her tangled web could weave

and capture me to never leave.

No my dear one,

You have not lost your touch,

She may have won,

Had I not loved you so much.

I still love seeing you wear nothing but steam,

As the water drips off your breasts,

Is all that I dream.

Yes, my love,

You still turn me on.

At work my dove,

I only want to hurry home.

Come let me hold you like I used to do.

Let me kiss your neck and shoulders, and those ruby red lips too.

Let me feel you warm breast

Press close to me,

Let this pain go,

Just set it free.

I know you need space,

I will watch the kids while you go to your mom’s place.

I know you wanted to someday go with me,

But if you would like to take your mom, I will send you two to Hawaii.

I had promised you that for many years,

It is the least I can do,

If my fears

come true.

I know you are afraid, as am I,

And it is like daggers in my heart to see you cry

I don’t want to lose you,

But I understand,

If you can’t get past this,

And leave this dying man.

Know this, that if you decide to go,

Take my heart with you so it will never know,

That the beautiful white dove,

Has flown away with my true love.

Go My darling, take wing and fly,

Leave now before you see me cry.

Tell your mom I send my love...goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Response to Judy's "She Begins to Doubt Herself"

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