Sean Gets the Good News

Hello. Seina! Is it really true?

If I had lost you,

I don’t know what I would do.

You have made me the happiest guy in the world.

I am so happy I am feeling dizzy


Seina? This is Vance. I take it you accepted girl.

I want you to know,

You have floored our hero.

Hold on while I try to bring him around.

Come on partner, get up off the ground.

Seina, I will lay the phone by his ear

Keep talking to him, I believe he will hear.

I have some smelling salts in the bathroom,

That should bring around the silly loon.

Seina, You have made me happy, and yes, I can wait.

School is hard and we need to focus, but we can still date.

Meeting your folks will be a cinch,

When your dad finds out I will be a doc,

The deal will be a cinch.

Vance, back off…I don’t need that smell,

Knowing Seina is mine makes me well.

Don’t worry about a thing my love,

We will wait til given a sign from above.

God knows when the time will be right,

And long as there is no draft, Saddam I won’t have to fight.

Someday I see us on a honeymoon to Hawaii,

Won’t that be great? Tropical breezes, new sites to see?

It won’t be right after school cause we will need money to begin,

But I promise you, maybe not our first honeymoon, but it will happen.

I love you Seina with a love that has spanned all time.

I feel I have always known you would be mine.

Somehow there was an unseen bond,

A premonition that I knew all along.

Whatever or whoever made this to come about,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

We will make it, we will work it out.

Sleep my love for the morrow is bright

Let my love for thee warm thee through the night.

I know we both have class on the morrow,

So I bid you good night, love, parting is

Such sweet sorrow.

Vance! I can’t believe she said yes,

I can’t believe I have the heart of the world’s best.

It will be hard to sleep, but sleep I must.

Huh…anatomy test tomorrow?

NOooo sleep tonight is a bust!

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The Saga continues

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