300 Days to Go

My beautiful Seina,

The boys’ ploy didn’t work,

I am back in my bunk

And I still hurt.

The pain of missing you,

Almost to much to bear,

Every little thing I do,

Reminds me you aren’t here.

“Our kids” tho’ so very sweet,

Still, aren’t that part of me,

Like Leann, Lacy, and my sweet Lily,

They just can’t replace my family.

It is not to say,

I don’t love them.

I often sit and pray,

They grow up safe to be,

Strong women and men.

Did little Abu get there okay?

Will Doctor Vance fix his deformity?

I know old Vance is a softee too,

And he will do what he can do.

Tell dad, when I get back

We will go wet a hook,

Sure would love to cuddle with

You next to a babbling brook.

I was called to Baghdad yesterday,

They gave me a medal for that first foray.

I didn’t feel I deserved it for I also took a life,

Creating an orphan and a widowed wife.

Somehow, his face haunts my mind,

How startled he looked when he peered in to find,

I saw his eyes as the bullets tore through his chest,

That look of surprise, as he goes to his final rest.

Then I think, what if it had been me,

My wife and babies I would never again see.

I wouldn't be there to check out their dates,

Or to see them graduate.

Their wedding days would come and go,

And you my dear Seina would be left alone.

On top of this I worry for my men,

And what I have to ask of them.

We go out almost every day,

And I have to put them in harm’s way.

Each day they risk their lives,

And if they die,

I have to give the news

to their wives.

I am trying hard to be strong,

But when I am all alone,

I just break down and cry,

For all those on both sides,

That have died.

I got some of the clothes

From you all,

I gave them to Linda,

And the kids are having a ball.

Dressing up in their new duds,

Walking around strutting their stuff.

Linda is showing them how to use the shampoo,

And the girls how to apply Dippity-Doo.

The tooth brushes and toothpaste were really good

Had to convince the kids that the toothpaste wasn’t food.

The glamour magazines have the girls all a twitter,

Wanting to try dressing with the glamour and glitter.

Well, we may have found a building in town,

It needs a lot of work to keep it from falling down.

The elders said we could have it for the kids,

And they would let the insurgents know

in no uncertain terms,

It is off limits.

All our spare time will be spent there,

Trying to clean it up and make repairs,

Then our kids will have a permanent home,

They can call theirs after we are gone.

The toys you sent were really a hit,

They were the only way we could get,

The young ones to sit.

They played for hours

With them in the sand.

We really appreciate your helping hands.

Tell everyone, thank you for the support,

Thank you my darling Seina

For holding down the fort.

I know it is hard and wouldn’t have put you through this for the world,

But there comes a time when we have to take a stand,

To make safe our lands,

For our citizens and my girls.

Well hon, it is getting late,

We have set a trap

And it looks like the enemy,

Is taking the bait.

Good night my love,

Dream only of me,

“I” told me from above,

He would send my love to thee.

Hug my little ones like all get out,

Tell them it is from me, let there be no doubt.

Got to go the trap is about to spring,

We hope to catch them alive in this thing.

Good night.

Love always

Your Sean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga, it may be viewed at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap. Thank you in advance for your comments. I try to respond to all I can, but sometimes events overtake me, and I can't, but rest assured, you comments are appreciated. 'I' in the above is the first name of God (I Am).  

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