280 Days to Go

Dear Loving Seina,

I don’t want you to worry,

But we are moving out,

They want us to hurry,

As there is trouble in the south.

Linda is going to stay with the kids,

And just send her camera man to make the vids.

I will leave this letter, with Linda to post,

I won’t be here because I have to go.

It warms my heart that Abu and Vance

are getting along so well,

I just knew Abu,

Would get Vance out of his shell.

If he is really interested

To adopt,

I will pull some strings

To make it pop.

I have treated several over here,

But without the equipment,

We have to jury rig,

And it looks queer.

It gets the job done, but won’t win a prize for looks,

But it has given me an idea for a “make do” medical book.

The children are going gaga over all the clothes you sent,

We made a closet from an old tent.

A couple of the young girls are helping with the chores,

From taking care of the babies to scrubbing floors.

The sergeant said he found some paint,

That fell of a truck,

I know better, but give thanks

For the sergeant’s good luck.

A couple of the boys and a young woman,

Are really good artists, here, of renown.

They are doing murals on the outside,

Depicting, the diversity of the children inside.

It shows them standing at their parents’ grave,

With the sun rising with the promise,

Of a glorious new day.

A promise that their lives will be enhanced,

By giving these people that love them, a chance.

I have a little girl about Lilly’s age,

Cradled in my arms,

Helping me write this letter,

I have to go now,

I see her bottom is getting wetter.

Hon, I miss you so,

And I am holding you to that

Special gift when I get home.

Shake out the scarves,

And those high-thighs don,

Baby, add those high-heels and lets get it on.

Well I see the Bradley coming this way,

So I will close and get it to Linda

Straight away.

Gotta take Meli back to her crib,

And say goodbye to all the kids.

Don’t worry hon,

I will be all right,

I have my buddy I looking out for me,

When I go into a fight.

Give my girls a hug and a kiss,

And tell them daddy says,

It is they he misses.

Tell mom and dad I send my love,

And most of all,

To you my dove.

Love you always


Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you missed any part of this saga, it may be viewed at http://home.cfl.rr.com/hucksoap. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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