Forgive Me, I am Just a Man

There is so much your words don’t say.

Is it because you are afraid?

Is it because of a broken trust,

That has driven this wedge between us?

“I am sorry,” is all I can say,

“Forgive me and I will try everyday,

To rebuild that trust you hold so dear,

Cherishing you and kissing away your fear.”

I beg you not to go,

Give me a chance to show,

That one you fell in love with

Long ago,

Is still here for you, you know?

I know I was weak and really screwed up,

But now I know how deeply it cut.

I am sorry and promise this day,

To never, ever, again to go astray.

So I ask that you forgive,

That we once again may live,

By all that is holy and the stars above,

I pledge to you my undying love.

So what do you say,

Will you give it a go?

We can start over today,

And take it real slow.

Please say yes,

So I can make it right

Lay your fears to rest,

In my loving arms tonight.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I love this write. It's written realistically and has emotional pulls. I really felt like I was the one being apologized to and if I was in her position I just might to have to forgive him, but I don 't know because I've always believed once a cheater always a cheater. Hard situation. I hope I'm never put in it.