222 Days to Go

I know my love that this is hard,

But I am glad you did that for the sarge.

He was a rock that gave me ground,

And I miss having him around.

I have good news, well a reprieve,

The orders west will be delayed a week.

By then we should be able,

To get our kids a large dining table.

Please do not put off the doctor’s visit,

Remember that is what I do for a living.

Get in there and get those tests done,

It could be very serious or be nothing.

But we need to know, we can’t wait,

For if it is serious, we want to start treatment, before it is to late.

Hon, you are the world to me,

And I wouldn’t want to go on without you, don’t you see?

This is way to important to put aside,

When it comes to your health,

You can’t let it ride.

Our babies need you now more than ever,

And with me here,

We can’t count on life expectancy being forever.

Promise me you won’t let this slide,

Cause if anything were to happen to you,

I think I would die.

Or worse do enemy assisted suicide.

Thank you for the seeds,

Here, it isn’t all sand and weeds.

The guys that are farmers do tell

With the right additives and water, they could get stuff to grow in hell.

Don’t be angry with the Secretary,

He is doing all he can,

I know this move is scary,

But he is doing all he can to get us all out of this land.

Maybe this is why God brought me to this place and time,

To show these people, there isn’t that much difference between their people and mine.

We want the best for our children, as do they,

We want them to be able to be children, to grow and play.

They are our future, and right now we are killing them, If we don’t stop soon,

Our future and theirs will be doomed.

I passed the leave request up the chain,

But with this impending move,

My hopes I have reined.

Don’t be disappointed if it is granted not,

Cause hon, this is the job I’ve got.

I will be talking with my heavenly friend real soon,

I like walking with him when there is a sniper’s moon.

I know it is dangerous, but somehow I feel serene,

He walking with me, and me with him,

What a beautiful scene.

The girls sound really great,

I would love to hear them on tape.

Better yet, Sunday, I will try to call,

The phones here are few and far between,

But the village elders said I could use the one at the town hall.

I can only talk for a few,

It is so expensive, and they can’t afford the dues.

I have offered often that I would pay,

To which they have replied with a resounding “Nay!”.

They tell me we have set them free,

The least they could do is share their telephone with me.

I told them that if they need any medical treatment to come to children’s home,

And I would do what I could for them, until I am gone.

Kiss my babies tell them of them how I am very proud,

That I shout this to the hills very loud.

My Lacy, Leann, and Lillie too,

I am so proud of you.

Darling Seina, you are the air that I breathe, the wind beneath my wings,

You are at the soul of me,

You are my everything.

Someday, and it won’t be long,

Your Sean will be coming home.

We can get that practice going once more,

And be a family again forever more.

Til the next time that I can write,

Sweet dreams, my love, and goodnight.


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