Guess Who

I awoke so depressed

How could I face

Another day

I got up and got dressed

Then got underway.

I pass a fellow

That was down on his luck

And thought to myself,

“What the f**k!”

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Just look at that poor soul,

That could be you,

Living on the dole.

You have a nice home,

Car to drive,

You should be damn happy

To be alive.

You have clothes to wear,

A job that makes good money,

You still have your hair,

And your wife is a real honey.

So cheer up and get on with life,

Give the beggar a few bucks,

Be happy to be alive.

The next morning I awoke in good cheer

Thinking of the day before,

I lean over and kiss my wife,

The lord had taken my fear,

On my way to the door.

I whistled my way to the bus stop,

And the beggar there smiled at me,

Sporting a new look on life,

His eyes now twinkled I could see.

On to work happy as a lark,

At lunch a walk in the park.

Then at Two,

An interview,

To my surprise,

Guess who?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just being thankful for all I have got instead of whining about what I have not.

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