Call to Freedom


It rides on the wind of change

Over mountains and over range.

It spans the oceans blue,

It affects me and you

You hear it whispered in the street,

Just about anywhere people meet.

From all walks you see them come,

Answering the call to freedom.

They raise their voices, one, then three,

Join us, let us fight to be free.

Governments quake when the whispers form,

For the winds carry the call to freedom.

Do not tarry, grab your gun,

Sound the bugle then run

Join the revolution, beat the drum,

All heed the call to freedom.

Your blood is fertilizer for the movement

Raising patriots in regiments,

From the farms, the offices, the schools they come,

To answer the call to freedom.

In their cause they shan’t be denied,

It is for their children and their children’s children

they have died.

There are those cowards that think they were dumb,

To lay down their lives for the call to freedom.

Freedom, is not bought with dollars, lira, or pesos Bud,

Freedom is bought and paid for with blood.

There is no short cut, no haggling over price,

And those that tries to appease are telling lies.

The world has changed,

No more can we wait

Until our enemy is at our gate.

We must preempt them in their home

If we are to answer the call for freedom.

By huck hickson

© 2004 huck hickson (All rights reserved)

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Patriotic moment

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sue mceachern's picture

very powerful . i like it.