Honor Those That Pay for Your Freedom


They know the cost of freedom,

They have paid for it

In the hedgerows of France,

In the rocky mountains of Korea,

And yes in the Viet Nam mud,

They paid the ultimate for freedom.

Not in dollars, Lira, or Rubles,

But in blood.

They have stood on the mountain top

Raising a flag in victory,

They have stood as an honor guard,

As a comrade, that gave all,

Is laid to rest.

They have done their country’s bidding,

Through the years

And have withstood the test.

They are the American fighting men and women,

Protecting our way of life

From those that would enslave us

Or kill us just because we are different.

Honor these warriors,

For it is they

Who fight in the rain and mud,

The ultimate price they willingly pay,

With their lives and blood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To our men and women serving their country.  Thank you.

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Brook B's picture

Nice work Huck!


HAWK SQUAW's picture

I wish to thank you from the depths of my very soul for this lovely and home hitting poem....

as of right now I have a brother in Iraq........... it is wild and crazy and hectic there these days he tells me..........

I love this poem for what it stands for