I awoke this morning and I was free,

A concept so foreign to me,

What, I ask, does it mean?

No one telling me what to dream?

I went to work and I was free,

Insurgents running through the streets all around me.

I turn my head so I don’t see,

And continue to work and continue to breathe.

I went home, no longer free,

Those insurgents took it from me.

No longer to live the dream,

Now I know what freedom means.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Our own apathy will cost us our freedoms.  We must not fall into the trap that the Roman Empire fell into.  We must remain strong and vigilant.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I love this topic and what you bring to the table with it. Sometimes, it's not the people or things around us that make us confined, but our own perceptions, emotions, thoughts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all. God bless!

jgupta's picture

So you call yourself an imperialist. Smile!