Terrorists, Take Note


You cut us deeply as you stabbed us in the back

And you rub salt in it with each new attack.

You won't allow our wound to heal,

so with the consequences you must now deal.

Like the animals your are,

You will be hunted down,

You can run we don't care how far,

Death will be yours once you are found.

All who have perverted Islam before God,

Will not be forgiven this liar's jihad.

Their deaths will all be in vain,

And their souls will be sent to hell's flame.

No martyr's reward will they receive,

Because of the false leaders in which they believe.

Their bodies will feed the dogs and the birds of wild,

and they will atone for the deaths of each man, woman, and child.

You are a cancer to be cut out,

by the true believers and the devout.

So run, run, run away,

Know this, coming soon, will be death's day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The news brought back all those 9/11 feelings again, as muslims were killing muslims and the USA getting the blame.  John Kennedy challenge the American people with, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I challenge the Iraqi people with the same statement. If you see these foreign fighters or know their whereabouts, tell your police, security patrols, or coalition, so these people can be dealt with before more innocent people are killed.  You silence makes you as guilty as the one planting the bomb, driving the car, or firing the weapon.  It is up to you to put an end to the violence.  The people handling security can not be everywhere at once, but the population can extend them by pointing out the criminals.

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Gary Mills's picture

My appologies for not having commented sooner. This actually about my forth read of this piece and I like it very much. I also second your opinions in your own comments. In my opinion, we as a country need to look at the actions being taken by these terrorists, study them, because believe me, it is the most sincere wish they have, that ALL Americans be treated this way. This is a skirmish we as a Nation cannot win in the tried and true manner of our past. If we intend to wage this battle, we must do so on much more radical terms than I think the American public can stomach to be quite honest. I wont take up the space on your page with MY personal opinions; Well at least any more space than I already have. I share your passion for this,

stay safe


Megan Hooper's picture

well written, i like it.

i'm sick of all the fighting though. i'm more apathetic to everything now... which i think scares me more than if i were angry.

jgupta's picture

Hi Huck,
I pray that all you wish, come true. Terror is a proof of our excellent civilisation that we have reached the pinnacle of hatred between Cane and Able. Sounds can and able.