Think Before You Speak


She waddles into the clinic

Obviously in severe pain

A nurse rushes to her aid

And asks, “how far apart?”

The young woman,

Little more than a child herself,

Begins to cry, and says,

“A minute or so.”

“Do you have insurance?

Should I notify your husband?


She looked up,

Alligator tears rolling down her cheeks,

"My boyfriend rund off,

And my parents threw me out,

I have no one."

“Have you any way to support the child?”

“No, that is why I come here,

To give it up for adoption.”

“Give me your parent’s phone number.”

Through clenched teeth in the next contraction

The young woman gave her the number.

The nurse helped the young woman to a bed

She then called a doctor to the girl’s side.

And then called the girls parents who

Were frantic that they had lost her

And wanted her to come home.

They rushed to the clinic,

Too late.

They reached her side,

As their grandchild entered the world,

Their beloved daughter died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a departure from the way I normally write, but this picture has been preying on my mind all day long.  It is a message to parents with teenaged daughters and I pray, this never happens to them.  Oh, BTW, it is not from personal experience.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was awesome. I enjoyed reading it. Great message to the readers.

Karyn Indursky's picture

I stand beside you in your message. Young women having babies or even older need support, help, love for their new born child, not abandonment. It's even worse on these women when they men take off. Thank you for making this points vivid and not beating around the bush. Hugs. :o)

jgupta's picture

Through your vivid description you try to put a scary fact across. However "Alligator tears rolling down her cheeks," is a bit of a puzzle for me. Labour pain is real. I am not sure of the the term you used here. Children need attention and an incision of a sense of responsibility. This in turn means invest time on them. It is a yawning gap between relative -- tax, earnings, social values, welfare, charities...endless!