345 Days to Go

Dearest Seina,

Those girls grow so fast,

I am missing them so,

But this war won’t last.

I miss the butterfly kisses,

Even the little catastrophes

And near misses.

Hold them close and tell them,

How much I love and miss my girls,

I miss their little plays and those curls.

The children here I see everyday,

Aren’t any different than ours,

Just want to be free to play.

I see some with missing limbs or eyes,

And is all I can do to not sit down

And cry.

Tell our friends and neighbors too,

To give their care packages to you,

I will distribute to those in need,

At least a few hungry mouths we can feed.

I have lost a few pounds so very true,

I may be a sleek, rock hard, sex machine,

Before I get back to you.

I can hardly wait to have you in my arms,

Explore your body,

Slurp up your charms.

My every thought is of you,

From the time I get to sleep,

Til the morning dew.

Okay, over here there isn’t much dew,

But I just wanted you to know

I think only of you.

Well hon, it is about that time to hunker,

Got to get to our air raid bunker.

The enemy will be throwing in round soon,

They are more annoying than effective…

Here they come…BOOM! BOOM!

Right on time just like I said,

I have to go now,

See if we can find their launch shed.

Uh-oh, here comes Linda Lieaday.

She isn’t all that bad you know,

A real trooper, stays out of the way,

Even when it is a tough go.


Yes, Ms Lieaday,

I was the Love Boat survivor

That got away.

It was my duty to come over here,

My wife and family? They are tough.

They will persevere.

My story? No, not at this time,

Maybe once we are all back home,

And Seina says it is fine.

I know the world wants to hear that story,

But that belongs to God,

In all his glory.

It was Seina’s love and God’s too,

That gave me the strength,

That pulled me through.

So, until then,

Let’s focus on why we are here,

Let’s focus on a win.


That is what I told her hon, no less, no more.

I don’t want the notoriety,

Right now we have a more important chore.

Babe, I hate to close, but it is almost midnight and I need some sleep.

Be strong, hold my babies, and your faith keep.

I call to you in my sleep,

On angels wings my message they carry,

To your dreams so deep,

They dare not tarry.

Good night my love.

It will be you I am dreaming of.

All my love,


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