Linda Answers

Ron, you big galoot

How can I say anything but, “I do”

GOD how I love you.

Linda, I know how tough it will be,

At your age carrying a child for me,


You aren’t telling me to abort this child are you?

That is just something I can’t do!

I am sorry hon and didn’t mean to upset you in any way,

But there is a lot of risks carrying a child to term at your age.

I could lose both of you during the delivery,

And without you, I couldn’t carry on you see?

I know the risks and if you want to run,

I won’t blame you, but I won’t kill your son…

Or daughter as the case my be,

But will take my chances that I will take care of me.

If you feel that strongly, I will back you my wife,

And together we will fight tooth and nail for this new life.

I could not love you more for doing this,

We must wed soon, on this I insist.

Besides, have a baby on the base is nearly free,

And if I stay in until after it is born, Uncle Sam

Picks up the tab for the baby.

This may sound strange, but I want to go back,

To my children. I want to be married in Iraq.

I want the venerable one to tie our knot,

Is that sentimental or what?

Hon, I understand

But that is a dangerous land.

Could we not bring him here?

Getting over there could be tough I fear.

I know it is silly, but I believe in you,

It is just something I am drawn to do.

It is like I am being guided by a divine hand,

I guess I just fell in love with that land.

Sean? What do you think, can it be done?

I don’t know. Do you have any strings you can pull,

Even one?

I know you two may not know anyone,

But being a reporter, I may have some.

I am sure the station would love the exclusive,

And may be able to get us the passports ever illusive.

What about the parents and Vance?

Sorry Sean, I don’t think there is a chance.

Well, we are going to have to get on it if you are going to go,

Pretty soon, your pregnancy window will close.

Even now I don’t like the chance we take,

But somehow, I know, it will work for his sake.

Mommy, mommy, does this mean we get to see where daddy had gone,

Back before he came back home?

I think you girls and Harlan will stay

with Grandmama and Grandpapa, til we get home.

We promise, we will not be gone that long.

So, we have a plan,

Linda will get with her man,

Sean and I will get together supplies for the children’s home

I will check to see if we can get transport to and from.

Ron, you are the best, I love you so,

Then we are of one accord we have a go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Linda has given her answer and it appears our four intrepid heros are headed to Iraq. What awaits them will be another part of the story.

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