Sean Returns

Rise and shine,

American swine,

It is dark enough to leave,

And your compatriots to deceive.

Back here with the instruments of the band,

You will ride with them here in the van.

If you value your life, keep your head down,

For I will kill you if you make a single sound.

I understand, but why do you do this?

I will cooperate, I promise.

Will it take very long, to get where we go?

It is not your concern, pig, only I need to know.

Quiet! We are leaving now,

No more noise, or POW!

Ahmed, do not speed,

We don’t want to attract attention,

So take heed.

Yes Ali, I understand,

We don’t want the infidels

To become suspicious of our van.

Oww! Watch the bumps on the road.

Quiet you infidel toad.

One more hour and Akhbar will decide,

Whether this one will live or die.


Akhbar my friend, I bring you a present,

We have an American service member,

That says his name he can’t remember.

Ali, cousin of my mother,

It is good to see you my brother.

Let me see this that you have brought,

Why have you killed him naught.

He is the Captain from your village we have heard about,

That took in the children that were going without.

He has done much good and has merit,

And is protected by edict from all the clerics.

It is good you have brought him to me,

If he is lying, we shall see.

Hello Captain Costickson,

Do you know why you are here my friend?

I don’t have any clue.

Do I know you?

No, you know me not,

But we know of your work, say what?

Oh yes, do you know what you do?

I must be in the army, I guess that is true.

Do you know the services you render?

I am sorry, I just don’t remember.

Hmmm, this is a dilemma for us,

He has no memory, that I trust.

Without knowing why he is here,

Executing him is pointless I fear.

I will take him back to my village,

To the clerics there,

They can identify him, then maybe,

He will become aware.

But Akhbar, it is a dangerous trip,

True, but the clerics will take no lip.

Captain, you will join me in my Renault,

I will take you to my village where they, will you know.

If you are who your uniform says you are,

I will leave you there and depart in this car.

If not, you will be brought back here and I will behead,

And leave your corpse on the road…dead.

Captain, will you get in the back,

It will be safer if we are attacked.

Ali, keep your gun on him,

I apologize Captain, but you see the fix we are in.

I understand, I guess,

In your place I would have to do my best.

I am glad you understand,

But we are at war in this land.


Bakhmir, venerable leader and most high,

We have found an infidel here,

And he can’t remember why.

He may be the Captain that you wrote us about.

The name on his uniform matched

So we brought him here to find out.

Is it him, Revered One?

It is he, my son.

Thank you for bringing the Captain to me,

Now leave here, go in peace.

Akhbar, thank you for the ride,

I really can’t remember, I didn’t lie.

If you come back by, stop in and see,

I would like to return your hospitality.

Captain, come inside and rest,

Meli, bring food and water for our guest.

Tomorrow Captain I will take you to your place

I will bid you goodbye, as they will send you away.

You have done much good for my people and our country,

We thank you for your sacrifices to make us free.

Your work with the children started as just an ember.

I am sorry venerable one, I just don’t remember.

You will someday my friend,

And you will remember this conversation then.

Rest here til first light,

Rest easy Captain…Good night.

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