First Letter Home

Dear Seina,

We just got here today,

Already, we are called into play.

The enemy is hunkered down,

In the very dangerous part of town.

They tend to hold out until the last man,

In some perverted need to defend this land.

God I miss you and the kids,

One of my buddies is headed home,

Cause he was hit.

I worry so much about you and the girls,

I don’t understand why they are doing this

To their world.

Every person, even the children

Are potential threats,

Ten year olds with AK-47s

Is scary as it gets.

Well hon, this is it for today,

We are moving to a new location

And must be on our way.

I love you,

Give the girls a hug,

I will send you a present

Of a Persian rug.

Hugs and kisses

All around,

Pray those snipers misses,

And peace can be found.

All my love


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't get your hopes up for another saga, this was something I just felt I should write. If it should take off or if anyone wants to collaborate, we can see where it goes.  

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