Don Quixote Today


The call of a damsel in distress,

Brings out chivalry at its best.

Southern born and southern bred,

He runs to the Damsel’s bed.

Fearing no beast or man,

Ready to defend her honor best he can.

Tho’ they know each other not,

With her he will cast his lot.

For that is what a knight in shining armor must do,

Defend the weak with a heart that is true.

His prize but the lady’s kisses,

As the brave knight she dismisses.

Off he rides until called again,

For her honor too defend.

To save her from some horrible fate,

Is his ingrained southern trait.

A trait which he is justifiably proud,

One that sets him apart in a crowd.

Prepared to defend the weak and the poor,

He is an American down to his core.

American by birth many streets he has trod,

His roots are Southern by the grace of God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking what it means to be Southern. Defend the country, defend the poor and downtrodden, defend the lady's honor. Be honorable in all things.

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