239 Days to Go

Dear Siena,

I am sorry for being so remiss.

I was so self absorbed with all of this,

I forgot to ask what the doctor said,

Don’t know where was my head.

Linda read me the riot act,

For not asking more info on that fact.

I pray all is well,

You are going through enough hell.

I can’t believe how much has changed,

Since this new sergeant came.

We and the locals are starting to blend,

The people are actually inviting us in.

We bring some rations as a gift,

When we are invited to dinner to give them a lift.

We are helping them rebuild their town,

Teaching them democracy all around.

We debate social issues like never before,

It is all good hearted at its core.

They tease us as being infidels,

We ask they teach us so we don’t go to hell.

I guess the big thing here is that respect is mutual,

They explain the Koran and we the bible which is cool.

The differences are spirited to no end,

But when all is said and done, we are still friends.

Tell Vance, the elders gave me papers to send,

He can fill them out to start the processing.

I got it okayed for Abu to stay with him,

Until the adoption’s disposition.

Got to keep this short, we are having a grand opening,

Of our children’s home, we are inviting the whole town in.

I have been detailed to make this finger sandwiches,

Which over here takes imagination cause,

We have a lot of sand but not much wiches.

I love you sweetie,

Tell the girls, I love them, for me.

I am putting in for R&R in July,

Now all we will need is for the country to stabilize.

Til next time,

Your partner in crime.


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