230 Days to Go

Dear Seina,

We had a special visitor today,

That stopped in to say,

He has heard about our efforts here,

And wanted me to make our secret clear.

“Mister secretary,” I replied,

“It is the children, whose parents died,

We took them in and built them a home,

Gave them a family they could call their own.”

There is no secret at all really,

It is a universal love that sets us free.

And for my men and me,

These kids are our extended family.

“How did you quell the insurgency?” He asked.

We didn’t I replied, that was the town folk’s task.

They saw the love and care we gave the kids,

And they warned them away, they did.

We had a carnival for our kids for fun,

And many of the insurgents actually come.

After talking to many of them,

They said they had been lied to and would like to be our friends.

Well, the secretary was really impressed,

Wanted to transfer us out west,

But I told him, with all due respect sir,

Our kids and our friends need us here.

Our job here is not complete,

Until we can get our children’s home on its feet.

We have a good start going,

But if we pull out now, it will have been for nothing.

It has been said it takes a village to raise a child,

I tell you sir, those claims aren’t that wild.

We just now have our town folk getting involved with the children’s care,

And we help as much as possible to do our share.

Our embedded journalist, she is a real trooper,

Ms. Lieaday, has been the house mom and has been super.

I don’t think you could pry her away,

She works tirelessly for these kids day after day.

He says, “Never-the-less, we need your expertise,

In other areas, to bring the peace.”

If I have to leave my men,

Can I take my sergeant then?

“Don’t know why not, we shall see,

Prepare your people, in a week you will leave.”

“What could I say? He is the secretary.

“Sorry sir, that is water I won’t carry.”

I don’t think so,

Looks like west I will go.

Gotta break the news to the men,

And start packing then.

It will be hard to say goodbye,

I have fallen in love with these guys.

We have become like family,

Leaving my kids will probably kill me.

I will be leaving them in good hands,

Linda, I am sure is capable of taking care of this band.

You are the first to know,

I can’t tell you exactly where I go.

Maybe after I get there,

I can maybe narrow down where.

Well my love, if you could but see,

The smiling faces on these babies.

See how they are taking to the men,

Seeing how the men are taking to them.

The locals come and help us out,

Refusing money, they are so devout.

A couple more months and it will be,

R&R for you and me.

I can hardly wait to have you in my arms,

Feeling your warmth and other charms.

God, watch over these kids and men when I leave,

Let them continue to have peace we have achieved.

Watch over my family at home,

Watch over my while I am gone.

Hon, I will see you soon as my leave is a deal done,

Or this war ends and I get sent home.

But know this, every minute it is you I think of,

It is you, the only one, that has my love.

If it be God’s will from this world I should depart,

You, my darling Seina, will always be in my heart.

Give my love to my baby girls.

Oh how I miss those curls.

Hugs and kisses all around,

Look in the envelop and rings will be found.

Ahmed, a local silver smith

Made them for you and demanded I send them with,

This letter to you,

With thanks for all you do.

Well my love it is that time,

Mail truck is here and I want to post mine,

XOXOXOX to my loves,

A token of our everlasting bond,

My love forever to you,

Your loving husband,


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