His Answer to Look Into These Eyes


Aye, my darling, I feel the same for you.

No other heart will ever be as true.

No man could love as I do,

My heart, my life, I give to you.

I fell into those eyes when first I saw,

You walk towards me, I was in awe.

I was so dumbfounded I could barely speak,

I thought I would feint my knees so weak.

When you spoke with an angel's lilt,

I was unbelieving still,

That a beauty like you would speak to me,

I knew then I was captured, never to be free.

Since that time, I pinch myself everyday,

To be loved by you to my dismay.

My heart still can't believe after all this time,

That the love of this angel is all mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Answer to Judy's poem, 'Look Into These Eyes of Love' http://pic1.piczo.com/snowmansmom/?g=18681828&cr=1.  

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